Improved Anemone support and added Anemone shadows. Changed all icons with grey gradients to solid white and improved a large number of icons.
Patched calendar for latest version of Winterboard and added a patch for Japanese Calendar. Fixed a number of random icons that were offset up and to the left by 1px. Downsized some icons that were 400x400px. Added Argus, Calendars5, and BytaFont3 icons and changed Twitter icon.
Added support for iOS 9 and Anemone. Improved and added some icons.
Tweaked YouTube, Amazon Video, PayPal, Insomnia, f.lux, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Translate icons and updated them to be compatible with new app versions. Opera Mini icon was also added.
Changed and Added a few icons by request. New icons include: Google Maps, The Weather Channel, Pandora, iTunesU, and Layout for Instagram. Changed icons include McTube and Stocks.
Changed and added a few icons by request as well as changed the boot logo. Changed icons include: Etsy, Fahrenheit, Find Friends, BytaFont2, and Amazon. New icons include: MicPro, Blogger, Mortal Combat X, Infinity Blade 1,2 , 3, Clash of Clans, and McTube.
Minor UI tweaks/fixes. Fixed / added Fahrenheit icon. Changed Various icon fonts to buntu Lightso they perfectly match the Ubuntu Light BytaFont2 font. All changed icons have a backup of the original included just in case someone prefers them over the new ones. Added Google Drive and Google Translate Icons.
Added Info.plist to change calendar icon font styles, added and tweaked existing Iconomatic themes, and added more icons. New icons include: 1Password, Playstation, Protube, and Playbox.
Fixed various icon compatibility issues (mainly notification icons) and Added many new icons by request and changed/tweaked some existing icons to improve their look. New icons include: TIDAL, iTransmission, Insomnia, Hulu, SoundCloud, Crackle, BytaFont2, iFunny, Gmail, Uber, Pinterest, Kik, Alien Blue, LinkedIn, Beats Music, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Repost for Instagram, Find iPhone, Find Friends, Apple Store, and Remote. Changes icons include: TuneShell, Osu!, PayPal, iTunes, Game Center, Podcasts, Compass, health, Instagram, Etsy, and Twitch.
Added Support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Tweaked Tumblr, Steam, Facebook & FB Messenger icons. Added more icons, Osu, Etsy, Downloads, and Yelp to name a few.
Initial release.