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Thread: Wallpaper JPEGIFIER by Darkweaver

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    Wallpaper JPEGIFIER by Darkweaver is finally available on modmyi repo!

    When enabled, it let's you set a wallpaper from the settings - wallpaper menu and it creates a full res jpg version of the image /var/mobile/Library/SpringBoard/Converted-[Lock|Home]Background.jpg! This will let you have high detailed images in your widgets and allow for easy user background changes or up to 4 customized user images!

    I have utilized this plugin in my theme widgets for Picture Purrfect Weather and Picture Purrfect FrameUp.

    By default my widget checks to see if the converted image is available for home and lock screen background, if that file is not found it uses the image in the theme.

    What this also allows is the ability to set 4 separate images from photo roll!

    So in my widget the user can set their own home and lock background by choosing the image in the settings - wallpaper menu as well as a home and lock thumbnail from the photo roll for my 2 smaller images.

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